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SMART Device

Version 2.0

SmartDevice software is a devices manager which enables to integrate devices such as perimeter protection products or intrusion panels into a security installation (new or existing). SmartDevice is a middleware which also allows to create interactions between different connected systems. SmartDevice can handle up to 200 devices simultaneously.

SmartDevice enables the communication between your devices. It links received events to actions to trigger.

SmartDevice software enables to integrate a lot of devices from various manufacturer.
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Our developers make necessary developments to constantly complete our SmartDevice solution. In this way, it is psosible to create interactions with all the devices having a SDK (Software Development Kit).
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SmartDevice software has a simple and intuitive configuration interface. Once the configuration is done, SmartDevice is totally transparent for the end users. SmartDevice is a service which is launched automatically, and which makes link between received events and actions to trigger.